Differnce between wall tiles and floor tiles

Tiles which are used on walls are very different from floor tiles. Wall tiles are comparatively thinner, less durable and lighter than floor tiles because wall tiles do not tear and wear as floor tiles do. It is possible to use floor tiles on walls but since these tiles are thicker and heavier, it gets a bit difficult to deal with it on walls.

Normally there are 3 types of grades for tile materials.

Grade One: Considered as the highest quality and most uniform material.
Grade two: Slightly irregular and can have minor surface defects.
Grade three: this material is irregular and marred.

Another thing which is important to consider the water absorption level. Many tiles absorb water in the air which can mold and develop mildew if not treated properly. The different level includes vitreous, non vitreous, semi vitreous and impervious. Impervious is considered to be the most resistant to absorption and semi vitreous being the most susceptible to water damage.

Wall tiles are available in wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Choosing the right tile is very


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