Merits and Demerits of Polished Floors

Ceramics and tiles now play an enormously important role at our lives, either we are at office, hospital or even at home, or malls. A good tiling floor gives us absolute pleasure to walk on. Since the challenges and competition has risen hilariously, tons of innovation and creative ideas have been introduced by the manufacturers in order to get the highest number of satisfied customers. The sense of fashion and trend among the people has given a huge boost to the industry that has brought massive investment and infrastructure. Gone are the days of regular unstylish flooring and luxury carpets which were harder to maintain in terms of cleaning and keeping it hygiene though appearance of a clean surface does not guarantee that the surface is clean.

Tiles have made life easier as they provide, easy cleaning yet it offers the consumers with comprehensive designs and styles. Although some people complaint regarding its demerits yet they are used to of having marble and ceramic floor. A slippery wet surface can cause serious injuries which can be prevented by carpets as chances of getting slip on carpeted surface are extremely low as compare to polished glazed tiles.