How to take care of your floor tiling

Installing tiles is nowadays getting easier and easier and since tiles are installed by the professional, homeowners always feel easy with it. But tile maintenance or cleaning is one part which is considered to be difficult and vital for every homeowner. It has now become compulsory to maintain it in a proper and careful way in order to protect the flooring from any damage and harm.

Unglazed or glazed are two most important classification of ceramic tile for both walls and flooring. Glazed tiles are sealed from the manufacturing process whereas unglazed has a porous and open surface which is sealed after the installation.

There are numerous products available in the market which is designed to produce solid surface for sealing the unglazed tile. Consider sealers for both types of tiles which are installed and the looks which you want to have. Sealers which are used with floor finish or wax will bring high gloss finish whereas others will give a natural form of look without any luster at all.

For regular or routine care of the sealed tiles, only damp and sweep is required. using a detergent with a mob will fill the purpose. It is very important to clean away the grit which can be ground on the floor and may cause damage to the floor. If there are any stains, toothbrush can be very handy along with a household beach or a commercial tile cleaner.


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